Shabbat and Jewish holidays begin at sunset prior to the date listed.
Tevet17291Tevet282930230307:17 PM8:17 PM7:06 PM8:05 PM7:01 PM-cl8:00 PM-end17:58 PM-end25:07+7:45/7:56-ftimes6:54 PM7:53 PM6:46 PM-cl7:44 PM-end26:43 PM7:41 PM6:38 PM-cl7:35 PM-end17:34 PM-end26:31 PM7:29 PM6:26 PM-cl7:24 PM-end17:22 PM-end26:19 PM7:17 PM6:08 PM7:06 PM5:57 PM6:55 PM5:47 PM6:45 PM5:37 PM6:37 PM5:29 PM6:29 PM4:22 PM5:23 PM4:16 PM5:18 PM4:12 PM5:15 PM4:10 PM5:14 PM4:10 PM5:15 PM5:44+5:03/5:15-ftimes4:12 PM5:17 PM4:15 PM5:20 PM4:20 PM5:25 PM4:26 PM5:31 PM4:34 PM5:38 PM4:42 PM5:46 PM4:50 PM5:54 PM4:59 PM6:02 PM5:08 PM6:10 PM5:16 PM6:17 PM5:24 PM6:25 PM5:32 PM6:33 PM5:40 PM6:41 PM5:44+7:34/7:45-ftimes6:48 PM7:48 PM6:55 PM7:56 PM7:02 PM8:04 PM7:10 PM8:12 PM7:17 PM8:20 PM7:24 PM-end18:21 PM-end27:23 PM-cl8:27 PM-end27:24 PM8:28 PM7:32 PM8:36 PM7:39 PM8:45 PM7:46 PM8:53 PM7:53 PM9:00 PM7:59 PM9:07 PM8:04 PM9:13 PM8:05 PM-cl9:14 PM-end19:15 PM-end28:08 PM9:18 PM8:11 PM9:21 PM8:13 PM9:22 PM8:13 PM9:22 PM8:11 PM9:19 PM8:07 PM9:14 PM3:56+9:00/9:14-ftimes8:02 PM9:08 PM7:56 PM9:00 PM7:48 PM8:51 PM8:05-fstart8:38/8:50-fend7:39 PM8:41 PM7:30 PM8:30 PM7:19 PM8:19 PM7:08 PM8:07 PM6:56 PM7:55 PM6:45 PM7:43 PM6:33 PM7:31 PM6:30 PM-cl7:27 PM-end17:26 PM-end25:28+7:13/7:24-ftimes6:21 PM7:19 PM6:15 PM-cl7:12 PM-end26:10 PM7:08 PM6:06 PM-cl7:05 PM-end17:03 PM-end25:59 PM6:57 PM5:56 PM-cl6:54 PM-end16:53 PM-end25:48 PM6:47 PM5:39 PM6:38 PM5:30 PM6:30 PM4:23 PM5:24 PM4:17 PM5:19 PM4:13 PM5:16 PM4:11 PM5:14 PM4:10 PM5:14 PM4:11 PM5:16 PM4:14 PM5:19 PM4:19 PM5:24 PM
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