There is an old book that was snatched from the bonfires of Nazi Europe. Inside, the book bears a strange stamp:

Woodchoppers? Study of Mishna?!!!

Thoreau wrote "Fishermen, hunters, woodchoppers... a part of Nature themselves, are often in a more favorable mood for observing her, in the intervals of their pursuits, than philosophers or poets...." But even Thoreau would be stunned by "The Society of Woodchoppers for Study of Mishna." Chopping wood is hardly an occupation associated with scholars.

The stamp in that holy book tells a mystical tale about the men who learned it. They met together every day to study Mishna because Mishna was their ax to cut through the wooden "klipot" -- the physical "husks" of pain and persecution in Eastern Europe. It cut through to the inner life of wisdom and joy... where even their enemies couldn't reach.

Jewish tradition teaches us that Mishna study unleashes the mystical power to raise the level of life... even for a departed soul.

When a loved one passes away, we want to do whatever we can to honor their memory, to bring additional merit to their soul.

The two hallowed traditions of honoring the deceased are the Kaddish and the study of Mishna. The very word "Mishna" is the exact same letters as the word "Neshama" -- soul.

"Prayer," said Rabbi Yosef Rosen(1858-1936) known as The Rogatchover Gaon (Genius), "is me speaking to G-d. Learning Torah, is G-d speaking to me!" The study of Mishna is an even higher level than prayer.

It is traditional to study Mishna for the benefit of a deceased loved one -- parent, grandparent, or friend.

Arranging for Mishna Study

For many the study of Mishna is a daunting task. The Mishna's 63 tractates--broken into six Orders, 525 chapters, 4200 intricate laws with 5,422 pages of commentary in the Talmud-- cover subjects as diverse as torts, business ethics, agricultural laws, marital issues, festivals and virtually every aspect of life and death., in the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City, is privileged to have some of the finest Torah scholars in Jerusalem on call. As such, we are able to arrange for Mishna or Talmud study to be dedicated in the memory and for the Heavenly merit of your loved one. The program of Mishna study is generally completed within 30 days (within the shloshim). The Talmud study is generally completed within 12 months. To mark the completion of the study program, you will receive an official Certificate, suitable for framing, from Your tax-deductible contribution will help continue to inspire future Jewish generations.

It would represent a truly meaningful source of merit to have Mishna studied in the memory of your loved one -- enhancing the sanctity and tranquility of their eternal soul. What more fitting place for this study than in the heart of Jerusalem--the link to all of Jewish life, past and present.

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